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Work desk power switches

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I have to admit it… I have a weakness for switches. I really love the feeling of toggling a good solid switch. The power strip for my computer was designed to turn off all the peripherals to the computer, when there is no power on the USB port, just died.
So, instead of repairing it, I took this incident as a good excuse to make a power switch panel to turn on and off all the peripherals, as well a switch for each of the lamps at my desk, so I just have one place where I can control all the essential stuff at my desk. I thought of using microcontrollers, relays and all that good stuff. But yeah, Keep It Simple Stupid, and this just works, even when the internet is down :3
I bought the switches at a local electronics store, and then made a rough sketch of how I wanted the enclosure to look like. Then I found some old metal scraps, cleaned it up a bit, cut it to the right size and bent it to the right shape. Added a piece of wood at the sides with some epoxy, to ensure i wouldn’t get zapped.

I was so pleased with the solution that i did something similar for my other work desk. There the key switch cuts all power to the attached power strips, one button controls some custom LED lighting and the last button is hooked up to the power button on a laptop dock, so it’s a bit more convenient to turn it on when its mounted underneath the table.


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