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Touch Lamp

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This is an early stage mock-up of a desk lamp from a project I have worked on. I got rather free hands with this, in regard to what features to include, only real constraints were that it should be round and about the same size as a Galia Melon and battery powered. For many years I have been a user of the small app called f.lux that changes the colour temperature of the light coming from your computer screen, depending on the time of day, to make it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep, even when working late on the computer. Since the lamp was meant to be placed at a bedside table, I thought that it just needed to have a feature similar to f.lux. I managed to source a LED strip with LEDs of different colour temperatures on, so I would be able to fade between them, and thereby create a nice sliding transition. To be able to register when someone picked it up, or just touched it, I added some sensors and a couple of strips of copper tape, that was used for capacitive touch and remote sensing. That means that the lamp is able to sense a hand that is going to touch it, before it touches it. To be able to play around with more possible scenarios, I also added an internal bluetooth speaker as well as a vibrator.
All of this to be able to try out different experiences, and possible interactions with the lamp. Unfortunately the project was cancelled before any of these features could be explored.



Prototypes & Mockups