Resistance Man

One evening I just felt the urge to make something creative, something that i could finish in a single afternoon. I had made some art before using old electronic components.  I ended up trying to make a Resistance Man, or rather a man made of resistors. I remembered that I had a DC-DC step up converter somewhere. That could take 3-7 volts and output a couple of thousand volts, enough to make a pretty spark 🙂 To make the Resistance Man a bit more interesting, I decided to incorporate the converter. The Resistance Man ended up holding two beefy cables in his hands. To make it spark, I added a suitable button in the front of a project box which I  mounted the Resistance Man on.
After finishing it, I thought it might be a good idea to add a safety switch, since i didn’t want to risk people getting electrocuted ^_^
Therefore I added a key switch on the bottom, just to be a bit more safe.
It is quite entertaining to see peoples reaction when they push the button for the first time.