Microwave Desk Fan

This is actually my very first laser cut project. I had taken apart a Microwave oven together with a friend, in the local hackerspace, and ended up with a couple of interesting and useful parts, one of them being a fan. The motor that drives the fan is a bit special, it is an AC driven induction motor, also known as a shadow pole motor. It is extremely simple, and I thought it looked kind of interesting, so I decided to make a desk fan out of it. To be able to still see the motor, but also not be able to get zapped, since its live 230v AC, Idid chose to make a box for it out of clear acrylic.
I managed to make the angle of the fan adjustable, but it was just too flimsy, and it broke rather quickly.
Was a fun, simple and colorful project (the fan had this strange light blue colour), and gave me a chance to play with a new tool.


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