I had a project at work where we needed a mock-up of a temperature sensor that was going to be used in the kitchen to measure the temperature of several different things. One idea for the mock-up was to be able to change the probe of the unit.

I had to make a quick prototype/mock-up of the wireless temperature sensor, so I used a light blue bean as a base for the electronics. It comes with both bluetooth low energy and a built-in temperature sensor out of the box. I had to measure the temperature of different objects and surfaces, so I decided to hook up a DS18B20 one wire temperature sensor to the board, it only requires two wires in total, despite the name :3
To make it all a bit more neat, and easy to change probes, I made my own simple version of a Magsafe connector, which Apple got inspired to by a Japanese deep fryer.
Since there are only two wires, each wire got its own polarity, making it close to impossible to connect the wrong way. This also makes it a lot easier to connect the two pieces.
This connector was more of a fun addition to a simple project. It was not a requirement for for the project. I just get a lot more out of trying to be a bit more creative with projects like this.


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