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GPU reball demo

For quite some time I had wanted to make some video tutorials/introductory videos for the local hackerspace Labitat, that explains how some of the more complex tools work.
In my opinion it would add a lot to the Labitrack system that is already in use. Labitrack is a system that makes it possible to quickly lookup most equipment in the hackerspace, by scanning the QR-code on it. That then takes you to a wiki page with a description of it, how to use it, who knows how to use it if further guidance is needed before use, and so on.
A couple of the machines would benefit from a video, describing how to use them, to make knowledge about the machines even more accessible and a lot more fun.
At the time, one of my friends was doing quite a lot of work on the Rework station that is seen in the video. So I did choose that specific machine to start out with.

It was an educational and fun experience to make a script, planning camera positions and recording all.
It took quite some time to condens it all down to something that was not too long, and to time the text, making it clear to the viewer what was going on.
We have only made this video, but I would love to make some more, at some point. Especially since it seems like quite a few people outside the local hackerspace found the video interesting as well.