Educational Contraption


Have you ever experienced getting back to your work desk and noticed that someone has been touching your stuff?

I got inspired to make this box by another project, and thought it could be an interesting thing to have.
I had previously found one part of an intercom system at an abandoned police station, and thought that might be a nice enclosure for this project. And I had a nice switch to match it.

The device contains a relay, two switches and a cheap personal alarm. The way it works is that when you flick the switch on top, you enable the relay which then turns on the personal alarm. When the person that has been touching your new and fancy box tries to turn it off, they will find out that they can’t. Only if you have the correct key which you insert into the bottom of the box, and turn it, the alarm will turn off again.

So now everybody will know when someone is touching my thing without permission 🙂


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