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Component Library

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360° View

I was assigned to create a component library for the department I worked in.
I had full control to choose what went into it, and how it should look like.

The final intention for the component library was to be a place to inspire people, a place where you could take potential clients or co-workers, and show them something physical, to help explain something, or just to give people an insight into how a specific thing looks.
Many within the tech industry are so used to throw around lots of buzz words. They have often read a lot about tech, and maybe held some commercial products in their hands, but not many know how the tech inside looks. And when you work in a department that helps others develop hardware it can be really helpful to be able to visit the component library, and show the client, this is how a gas sensor looks.

The component library is split into two parts. One is consisting of finished products that I thought illustrated the use of some technologies in a interesting or alternative way. Some are showing how just by changing the packaging of the same type of sensors, you can cater to a whole different market  segment.
The other part of the library consists of a lot of the components that you can use to develop new hardware. Sensors, displays, actuators, microcontrollers, different wireless technologies and more.
To add an extra layer to the library, every single piece in it, has a tag with a description, and a QR code, that links you to more information about that specific component, as well as where to buy it.
For the part of the library containing components for developing hardware, I did choose to mainly buy boards and sensors from a few specific companies, that are extremely good at documenting how to use and get started with the device. Making it even easier for visitors and clients to get inspired, when they come to see the component library, and to go home and experiment.
Too many are still a bit scared of playing around with hardware, even people with hardware startups. I really hope this component library, can help making the people who visits it feel a little less intimidated by hardware development.

It has definitely been a really useful and have initiated a lot of conversations.