One evening at the local hackerspace I just had the urge to build something, something simple that i could make from parts found in the hackerspace. I really love knobs and buttons, so I ended up finding a diagram for a simple oscillating circuit that used two 555 timers. I modified it a bit, and replaced all the resistors with potentiometers, to make as many parts of it as adjustable as I could. Hopefully I would end up with some nice and strange sounds.
I made a test setup on a breadboard, and then drew a simple layout in DIYLC to make it easier to put it on some perfboard. All the components were found on the shelves, in drawers, and even in the trash :3
The device ended up making some really strange and nice sounds, a bit annoying though, or at least that was what the others told me ^_^ So I decided to call it the AnnoyOtron, and just to not make too many enemies, I added a headphone jack.


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