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Gerluf.dk | About Me
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Hi! My name is Søren Gerluf Sørensen and

I am a Maker.
And spend much of my time building, designing and creating different contraptions. I have always had the urge to make and take things apart, so that I can get an understanding of how it works.
I try to get familiar with as many different tools and crafts as I can. Trying to get to where I know what tools and what crafts to use to solve a problem in either the easiest, the fastest, or the best way. I try to build as much and often as I can, and keeping the fear of failing at bay. If I don’t fail once in awhile, I don’t try hard enough to make things.


I am a Tinker.
And like to repair, refurbish and reuse things. To me it is satisfying in itself, to get something that others would throw out, or that has already been thrown out, to work again. I get more joy out of mending an old laptop, than buying a new. I spare the environment, I save my cash, and I learn a lot.


I am an Interaction Designer.
And I get great pleasure from a good set of buttons, knobs, levers or other physical inputs.

I want to help make things and services work for the people who are going to use them, and not the other way around. In my opinion there is way too many things in our lives that take more of our time than they give back. And too often the interface and user experience is still one of the last aspects to be looked at, when designing major systems and infrastructure. We spend the majority of our time awake interacting with thousands of objects, and the smoother this experience is the more time and energy one have left for the things that really matter in life. There is so much untapped potential, that I hope to help explore.


I am a Photographer.
And have been playing around with photography since the mid 90’s. Got my first digital camera in 1999, and have since then mostly had a purely digital workflow. Was close to starting a career within  the field, but decided to keep it as a hobby. Have spent a year as a self employed product photographer though. Photography is something I use to relax and is for me a kind of meditation. Have explored many genres of photography, and like the more rough look, booth when it comes to portrait, urban or landscape photography.


I am a Polymath and an all round curious and passionate person.
That have a huge appetite for knowledge about almost anything, as long as the subject can tickle some part of my brain, and can help me look at things or life in a different light. I try to keep close to people that inspire me, and motivate me to explore new fields.
Would like to read more books, but audiobooks and the 485 channels on youtube that I am currently subscribed to, helps me a lot to keep up with a wide variety of topics.